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Race against the clock in classic toy cars


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Race against the clock and try to beat your best time on each racetrack in the fun racing game Micro Machines.

Micro Machines is a nostalgic game that brings back the feeling of being a kid again, racing your toy cars through your childhood home. Get behind the wheel -or into the cockpit- of up to ten different vehicles, including tanks and helicopters, and race through the game's more than twenty levels set in familiar places such as the kitchen, garage, or your bedroom.

There are no other opponents in Micro Machines, your goal is to race against the clock and beat your own time. Race through the scenes as fast as possible, but beware of the obstacles that will slow your vehicle down ... or destroy it completely. Dodge the obstacles with Micro Machine's simple controls: one button to speed up, and two to turn.

Although the minimalist graphics might be the first thing you notice, you'll soon be impressed by Micro Machine's polished controls and fun game mechanics. Drive though its well designed levels and beat your fastest time!